mod decorative panel
Collaboration Max Voytenko and Sergey Gorban.
Project developed within the IAtelier program.


Decorative wall panel.
The panel consists of 4 unique ceramic blocks in 4 copies, 16 blocks in total.
They are attached with magnets to a metal base, which is fixed to the wall.
From these blocks, you can collect more than 15 regular patterns and many irregular ones.
The peculiarity of this panel is that its appearance can be changed at will by changing the location of the ceramic blocks.
The purpose of our work is to combine digital production methods with handicraft methods and to study their interaction and complementarity.

In the design and production process, we first used digital methods:
- design in CAD
- visualization
- 3D printing
after digital, we have applied handicraft production methods:
- traditional production of a printed mold from gypsum
- stuffing the form with chamotte clay/drying
- traditional firing, glazing and re-firing

The product obtained in this way has all the characteristic features of a handicraft, but retains small signs of a digital beginning.

iAtelier by Crafting Europe
Dutch Design Week 2022
October 22 – 30

NUL ZES | Gasfabriek 3A, Eindhoven
Crafting Europe is an initiative of nine European craft organisations that strives
to build the crafts sector by providing craftspeople with the knowledge and skills
to grow and strengthen the industry.
Crafting Europe has identified three main challenges facing the crafts industry, namely;
⦁ attracting and engaging future generations of skilled craft practitioners
⦁ ensuring that key skills are passed down successfully
⦁ implementing new technology into craft practices
To address these challenges, Crafting Europe designed iAtelier, a program of activities that combines new digital fabrication technologies and craft practices. iAtelier connects makers with digital experts. By coming together, the digital experts and craft makers exchange knowledge, offer each other new lenses through which to look at the world, and create a range of products that fuse traditional and digital methodologies.
Instagram: @craftingeurope

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